Friday, May 19, 2006


ok, so theres 5 "land marks" in the long beach midgetville

1. The witches house, which is basically a house thats painted all
black on the corner. you can look inside and their is absolutely no
furniture or anything. shit is scary!!

2. The Fresh midget prince of bel-air house. exactly what it sounds like.

3. Igor's alley.. which is basically a pitch black, one-way alley.
and when i say one way, i mean "one way", no way to turn or anything.
supposedly theres a story where if you walk down the alley, theres a
swimming pool full of dead roses.. and a chair on the edge of the diving board.

4. The really long house. its a really long house that takes up a
whole block. We couldnt find it last night.

5. We started driving along this one street.. mark brought up the
fact that although there were houses.. there were no cars along
this street. We proceeded along this street which was by a golf
course of some sort (I believe it was a normal-people golf course).
I kept driving to nearly the end of this street where there was a gate.
We stopped and they said it was the entrance to the underground midget
city. I kept driving towards it and they stopped me and yelled "What
the hell are you doing!? Dont go in there!!" Apparently, you have to
push this
button to get through this gate.. but to push the button you have
to get out of the car. The entrance was really errie.. The trees
in particular were creepy looking. Theres stories of people going
in and getting chased out, bricks thrown at their cars, etc.

If I were to sum up the experience, I would say it was creepy,
and funny at the same time. They have little minature houses! How
funny is that. And all of the houses are fucking nice. Like
mansion status. But smaller of course. I guess it was the beverly
hills of midgetvilles. On a scale of 1-10, I give the experience a 8.